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Diamonds of kilimanjaro

diamonds of kilimanjaro

Diamonds of Kilimandjaro (). Eine Kritik von panda (Bewertung des Films: 6 / 10) eingetragen am , seitdem Mal gelesen. Mal wieder eine. Jan. Von Jesús Franco. Mit Katja Bienert, Dan Villers, Olivier Mathot, Antonio Mayans, Albino Graziani und Javier Maiza. Diamonds of Kilimandjaro. Diamonds of Kilimandjaro (später auf DVD auch als Mondo Cannibale 4 – Nackt unter Wilden erschienen; im Original: El tesoro de la diosa blanca, bzw. Also, one of the native girls also loin clothed is jealous of the white goddess and is continually trying to discredit her with the rest of the tribe. Gehen Sie zu Amazon. Captain Apache - Pappschuber. Eine Kritik von panda Bewertung des Films: Daher existieren zwei unterschiedliche Fassungen mit signifikanten Unterschieden. Social Rezensionen 0 Diskussionen 0. For the most part, I liked this movie. Speaking of which, the plot seems rather disjointed, and the dialogue leaves something to be desired. Mehr zum Thema - Wird in einem neuen Fenster oder Reiter geöffnet. A team of geologists attempt to remove a native cannibal population from an island to perform atomic research, but the cannibals' female leader disposes of them one by one by seduction.

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Ant-Man and the Wasp. Less Magical than the First. A small British girl named Diana was lost in a jungle somewhere on the continent of Africa many years ago, and now a treasure hunting expedition has begun searching for the her as well as for precious artifacts.

What the rich Brits couldn't imagine, however, is that the little girl in question has grown up among the cannibalistic Mabuto tribe and is worshipped as their goddess: The pale-faced English may expect some recognition should she and the expedition team lay eyes on each other, but Diana's mind has developed in the presence of the Mabuto's brutal lifestyle and she sees no kinship between herself and the visitors.

Might she sense some connection before they are all sacrificed and eaten? Keiko Aya Super Reviewer.

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Save for one cheap be-heading, this movie features surprisingly little blood and guts. Actually "Lita" Mari Carmen Neieto does the full frontal heavy lifting, while the two jungle ladies are bare chested throughout.

Yes, there are love scenes The women are beautiful, but nothing here to really make this movie an erotic classic either.

This movie just reeks of low budget buffoonery. The sets are laughable. The acting is horrid, and the editing is confusing. There is no real story to hold this together, and not enough of a budget or effort to shock or titillate.

I think Franco fans have come to expect more out of the master of exploitation. DJ Inferno 11 February Another no budget-shot which is full of the nudity of some quite plain women as well as a not-existing plot and a set decoration that seems to be taken from the botanic garden of a zoo.

And former German sex starlet Katja Bienert is only ridiculous in the role of Tarzan-like girl Liana, her scream sounds like a drunk gorilla! Even Franco can do it better!

Only for those a must-see who think they should have seen all of this director - a lot of work in view of the films Franco shot!! The movie shares a lot with the more notable Devil Hunter, another Franco flick from around the same era: Of course, there's also Franco's mandatory home-video style panning and zooming into random things usually leaves , the totally inappropriate groovy jazz music, and that distinctive trash element that marks all of Franco's oeuvre.

Diamonds of Kilimanjaro has a deceptively complex plot, a story so confusing that a reasonable synopsis is impossible.

A tribe of English-speaking island aborigines ruled by a drunken Scotsman kill all trespassers who attempt to steal their diamonds, except when convinced otherwise by their Goddess, Diana, a topless teenage white girl.

Things get interesting when Diana's mother sends an assortment of bickering bounty hunters to return her daughter to civilization.

When not arguing eternally over where they should cross the river, the rescuers develop alternate clandestine plans, including bringing back Diana but stealing the diamonds, not bringing back Diana and stealing the diamonds, murdering Diana and stealing diamonds, marrying Diana and bringing her back with the diamonds, marrying Diana but not bringing her back forgetting the diamonds , and a few others.

Just about everyone dies in the process of figuring this out, sometimes in the nude. At one point Jess Franco answers again the rarely asked question of whether it's possible to have a plot twist without having a plot to begin with.

Those who expected a Euro-cannibal fest here should have known better. In fact, anyone who knows Franco and expected something other than what he saw needs to have himself examined.

Those seeking the ever-elusive Franco "gem" might be disappointed, as usual, but might find enough cheap thrills and mind-bending confusion to make Diamonds of the Kilimanjaro worthwhile.

Coventry 24 December Good old Jess Franco! Jess once again really surpassed himself with this utterly trashy piece of jungle "adventure".

It's actually a rather disturbing thought that an innocent year-old girl had to walk around a film set naked in front of a whole crew and particularly before the gazing eyes of pervert Franco!

And it wasn't even the first time, since the duo previously already made "Linda" together. Anyways, just in case you wondered: YES, "Diamonds of the Kilimanjaro" does have a plot, albeit a very imbecilic one.

During the opening sequences a plane, carrying aboard a wealthy Scottish guy and a girl child, crash amidst an African tribe of vegetarian cannibals.

I say vegetarian because they never at one point in the film so much even attempt to consume human flesh. The obnoxious Scot declares himself the Great White Leader and the girl grows up to become the beautiful and scarcely dressed White Goddess.

This could have been a compelling and action-packed adventure movie, but Jess Franco obviously couldn't be bothered. Why shoot jungle chase sequences or bloody cannibalistic rites when you can just as easily aim your camera at a hot young chick sitting naked in a tree?

Most of the jungle settings simply appear to be filmed in someone's garden and there's a massive amount of clumsily edited National Geographic wildlife footage in order to fill up the gaps in continuity.

The back of the DVD describes "Diamonds of the Kilimanjaro" as an ingenious, feminist and adult orientated version of Tarzan.

Yeah right, they just put that sentence there because Katja Bienert's character swings from one tree to another using a a couple of times.

Jess Franco was a busy man in ; directing no less than thirteen films. Even if he was directing non-stop, that still works out at more than one film per month.

I can't profess to have seen all of Franco's films; in fact, I only saw this one and the truly awful Grave of the Living Dead; but on the basis of the two films, I would say that less than a month for writing, filming and producing is about right.

It actually didn't don on me until later and, frankly, after I read the back cover of this release that a young girl shown as a survivor of the crash grows up to be the heroine of this tale, Diana Katja Bienert.

Diana is raised in a cannibal cult that worships her as a goddess, but an expedition is sent in search of her and a priceless fortune.

It's kind of a "nature vs. It may sound curmudgeonly to point out that whatever preposition comes between the titular nouns, there's a relative lack of either diamonds or Kilimandjaro in the film, which offers a few clunkily shot and performed sex scenes interspersed with a number of silly expository scenes.

There's never really any sense of either danger or even adventure in this largely laughable enterprise. Diamonds of Kilimandjaro Blu-ray, Video Quality.

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Diamonds of Kilimandjaro Blu-ray. Similar titles you might also like What is this? Les amazones du temple d'or La cripta de las condenadas: The condemned women are still under the spell of Fata Morgana.

Revenge of the Alligator Ladies An aging schlock film director tries to make his final movie, but it won't be easy. La cripta de las condenadas The Lustful Amazons The Story of Linda Edit Cast Cast overview: Mathieu Mari Carmen Nieto Lita as Ana Stern Daniel White Edit Storyline A group of adventurers head to a primitive tribe in Africa to find a treasure of diamonds and a beautiful white girl who was lost years ago and was made the tribe's goddess.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia Some animal scenes in the jungle such as a charging rhinoceros or a crocodile being killed are inserts that are not in CinemaScope format.

They are stock footage probably taken from an old documentary such as Mondo cane Goofs Although she has been living in a primitive isolated village since childhood, the adult Diana wears store-bought sandals.

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I tried to hunt down the orginal version of this but i think only Spain has it I hear thats better then this new version made in the 80s for internatinal markets.

Bad acting and dubbing but some nice settings and gore effects and a soundtrack that might just have you turning it off in the first 6 secs More Top Movies Trailers Forums.

Season 7 Black Lightning: Season 2 DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Season 4 The Deuce: Season 2 Doctor Who: Season 11 The Flash: Season 3 Saturday Night Live:

Unser New casino no deposit bonus codes wurde überarbeitet und wird in Kürze weiter ausgebaut werden, damit Sie stets aktuell über alle Neuigkeiten rund um die Welt des Films informiert sind. The motive for the guides in coming along on this little jaunt is to get their hands on the diamonds the natives betking. There are removable Greek subtitles. Dieser Artikel battlestar galactica schauspieler nach Bulgarien geliefert, aber der Verkäufer hat keine Jugar juegos de casino gratis 770 festgelegt. Diese Seite wurde betspin casino am An anthology feature film that puts a uniquely dark and original spin on some of the most Beste Spielothek in Sankt Annen-Damm finden and beloved holidays of all time by challenging our folklore, traditions and assumptions. Edit Cast Cast overview: Keep checking Rotten Tomatoes for updates! Pocho Martin's body is found dead on gary anderson 9 darter shore of a fishing village. Actually "Lita" Mari Carmen Neieto does the full frontal heavy lifting, while the two jungle ladies are bare chested throughout. I doubt this movie will appeal too much to the "barely legal" crowd though as Bienert seems to have sprung from the pferderennen englisch with a body that would put any year-old woman to shame, Beste Spielothek in Marienthal finden all she really does is wander around in nothing but a ridiculously low-riding loincloth for most of the film. The Hunt for the Blood Orchid Anacondas: DJ Inferno 11 February Those seeking the ever-elusive Franco "gem" might be disappointed, as usual, but might find enough cheap thrills and mind-bending confusion to make Diamonds of the Kilimanjaro worthwhile. View All Audience Air b&b casino. The Devil Came from Akasava

Diamonds Of Kilimanjaro Video

FP: Diamonds of Kilimandjaro Stay Awake, The - Nacht des Grauens. Wir haben keine Rezension für Diamonds of Kilimandjaro. There are removable Greek subtitles. Melden — wird in einem neuen Fenster oder Reiter geöffnet. Kontaktieren Sie den Verkäufer - wird in einem neuen Fenster oder Tag geöffnet und fragen Sie, soundtrack casino royale welcher Versandmethode an Ihren Standort verschickt werden kann. Unser News-Bereich wurde überarbeitet und wird in Kürze weiter ausgebaut werden, damit Sie stets aktuell über alle Neuigkeiten rund um die Welt des Films informiert sind. Die Schatzsucher kehren daraufhin in die Zivilisation zurück. The movie comes with an English audio and no subtitles. Diese Website verwendet Cookies, um Ihnen die bestmögliche Funktionalität bieten zu können. Lizard - Die totale Mutation Hartbox. Language Greek Subtitles English. Languages for hw4 hält nur noch zu drei hsv spielern kontakt extras is a mixture of English and Greek.

Diamonds of kilimanjaro -

Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Was gibt es schöneres, als in der heutigen, hektischen Zeit, sich der guten alten Zeiten zu erinnern, als wir noch geschnittene 4: Daher existieren zwei unterschiedliche Fassungen mit signifikanten Unterschieden. Lizard - Die totale Mutation Hartbox. Languages for the extras is a mixture of English and Greek. The movie is obviously low-budget with cheap soundtracks, but I personally thought it was one of Franco's best directed films.

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